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The new law firm concept arrives at Mataró Parc

We are backed by more than 80 years of experience, knowledge and a complete infrastructure of Services in Law and Economics. With all this we have achieved a differentiating and quality experience; an experience that will cause you to consider the brand as a global...

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A world of fun for the little ones

The new summer season comes with great news in Mataró Parc. Beyond the sales, we also have to announce a new very special opening. This is Drim, the shop that offers you the largest assortment of toys, baby and hobby items : more than 10,000 products from the best brands at the...

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Comprehensive reforms for your home

With the arrival of summer, Mataró Parc increases its offer. On this occasion, the last of the inaugurations is not related either to the field of fashion or to that of restoration. It is a new proposal away from these concepts and that further diversifies the shopping center's...