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Tarinas Store

Our motto "We deal with people" goes one step beyond customer service; the art of knowing how to treat each client for what he is: a person with his situation, concerns and unique needs. With this base, and adding experience, knowledge and a complete infrastructure of law and economic services, we achieve a differentiating and quality experience; an experience that will cause him to consider the brand as a global solution to all his affairs.

Under this premise, the personal treatment, the more than eighty professionals of Tarinas, are available to advise and defend you in any field, whether legal (Tarinas Viladrich Bufete), Fiscal and Labor (Tarinas Fiscal et Labor), Real Estate ( Tarinas Propmanager) and Insurance (Tarinas Risk).

✔️Customized service, without prior appointment and open to any questions.

✔️We will strive to meet our goal of offering specialized services in law and economics in an efficient and accessible way.

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