We collaborate with the 9th edition of Mataró Walk for Alzheimer

Colaboración de Mataró Parc Camina Per l'Alzheimer

Mataró Parc punt d'inscripció de la 9ª Mataró Camina pel Alzheimer

In this way, from the Mataró Parc Shopping Center we have again collaborated and show our support for this great initiative.
We take the opportunity to congratulate AFAM for the more than 5,000 participants of this latest edition, among adults, children and volunteers.

Also note the satisfaction of having inetalado a point of registration in Mataró Parc. AFAM is very grateful for the solidarity of Mataró Parc, since thanks to this new point of inscriptions, the 9th Mataró Walk for Alzheimer's has gained, about 800 Inscriptions only in this stand.

As every year, all the benefits obtained in Mataró Walk for Alzheimer's, either through enrollment or the sale of cava solidarity, are destined entirely to help the families with fewer resources that coexist with Alzheimer's. That can alleviate the different needs derived from the disease.

AFAM, an entity with more than 20 years of experience, supports family members of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases through its services, such as the Therapeutic Day Center, Memory Workshops, technical aids, psychological and legal services, Home care, transportation services to the day center, etc.

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