Opening access C32 Mataró Parc

Josep Rull y David Bote

New access to the C-32 motorway

Territory and Sustainability Counselor Josep Rull Andreu has inaugurated accesses 99 and 100 of the C-32 motorway. The new infrastructure represents an advance in the connections, both the municipality of Mataró and the Mataró Parc Shopping Center.
The event was also attended by the Mayor of Mataró, David Bote Paz, and the Deputy Director General of Abertis, Anna Bonet, among others.

The new accesses of the C-32 motorway in Mataró and Argentona, thus diversifying the points of access to the city from the motorway, improving the conditions of service and facilitating the internal mobility of the urban center of Mataró and nearby towns.

The works - with an investment of 7.2 million euros - have improved the connection of links 99 and 100, towards the center of Mataró, C-60, Hospital and Mataró Parc Shopping Center.

The remodeling of link 100 (Mataró West) favors the flow of traffic, especially at peak times, in the movements in this environment and the connections with the trunk of the motorway.

In the Blanes roadway, a new distribution road has been built, as a fork at the exit of the motorway, which passes to a different level below the roundabout of the Place de France and leads the bulk of vehicles heading towards the Center Comercial Mataró Parc or the Hospital through the torrent of the Spades.

In the direction of Barcelona, ​​the motorway exit branch has been extended in the direction of Barcelona, ​​in order to increase its capacity and reduce the congestion of vehicles on the trunk of the motorway at peak times. In the access to the shopping center has created a segregated itinerary for the traffic rolled from the French roundabout to the shopping center, which runs along the bridge over the motorway between the roundabouts of França and Gran Bretanya.

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