New openings of Mataró Parc

This last month we have had 3 openings.

The first opening was of those who have the best Apple products and the latest technology, yes, we are talking about INTECAT.  They surprised us with their grand opening by making everyone participate, they raffled several HomePod mini and an iPad, they also had details with almost all the attendees, first surprising them in the queue giving away mini pizzas to make the wait more enjoyable and then with an INTECAT corporate t-shirt.

It was definitely a success!  


The second opening was the nutrition store for all types of people, they have supplementation and sports food, Fit whims, nutritionist and preparer for competition, we are talking about WORLDFIT, a store that unites the worlds of eating healthy taking care of food.

At the inauguration we were able to taste different products available in the store, such as Fit whims, hamburgers...

Many people tasted the products and were delighted, which means that they were very well received by consumers.  


And the last inauguration of the Shopping Center has been the restaurant of healthy and ecological cuisine committed to the product and flavor. GREEN VITA arrives in Mataró Parc and with them comes a kitchen without additives and without processed, but with the flavor and nutrients of the fresh and organic product freshly cooked. They have both meat options (free-range chicken, grass beef), fresh fish, as well as vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

What are you waiting for to come and taste the Healthy Kitchen of Mataró Parc.  


We will return shortly with more news and new openings.