The Ministry of Health carries out the first massive screening in Mataró Parc

More than 3,000 people have undergone a free and voluntary PCR thanks to a device of one hundred professionals in Mataró Parc
More than 3,000 people today have passed through the massive screening device installed in the Mataró Parc shopping center, located in Mataró (Barcelona). This is the first time that a strategy of these characteristics has been carried out in Catalonia, to detect asymptomatic Covid-19 cases and to be able to cut the transmission chains, as reported by the Government. The decision to carry out the screening in this municipality has been determined by epidemiological criteria.

This action has been promoted by the Department of Health, coordinated by the Catalan Health and Epidemiological Surveillance Service and with an operation managed by the Primary Care of the North Metropolitan Area, the ICS, and the Maresme Health Consortium. Likewise, it has had the support and participation of the Mataró City Council, the collaboration of the management of the Mataró Parc shopping center and the participation of some Open Arms volunteers.

Almost one hundred professionals have worked throughout the day, both health and administrative professionals as well as those who have participated in the device and in queue management. Everything, to be able to do the maximum of tests to the population from 16 years old that was in the shopping center, to which it has been offered, voluntarily and free, if they wanted to do the PCR. The tests started at around 10.30am and ended at 8pm.

The device

The screening action carried out today is the result of a complex organization at various levels, both in terms of assembly and preparation of the space (as well as the subsequent cleaning), as well as the coordination of all professionals and the logistics required to equip the device and manage the collection and delivery of samples to laboratories. In this case, the involvement of the two laboratories that will analyze the samples, the Germans Trias Hospital laboratory and the Blood and Tissue Bank laboratory, has also been very important.