Mataró Parc with Oriol Mitjà's project

oriol mitja

The goal: eradicate the Pian

Oriol Mitjà, a young Catalan doctor who decided to leave his career in Barcelona and went to a remote island in Papua New Guinea to investigate infectious tropical diseases. On the island of Lihir, he found a disease that affects more than 40 million people in the world and who until then did not know: yaws. This disease, which is transmitted by direct skin-to-skin contact, affects mainly children in the poorest populations, due to ulcers on the skin and can cause serious deformations in the bones.

Starting then, Mitjà launched a pilot treatment program in Papua New Guinea with the support of WHO. An action that led him to become Catalan of the Year 2016. From Mataró Parc we give all our support to this action and our partner Oriol.