Mataró Parc celebrates Saint George with the Cadena SER

ser al carrer mataro parc

The shopping center has collaborated with the special program of Saint George from Plaça Cataluña

One more year Mataró Parc has celebrated the day of Saint George. The shops and restaurants of the mall have worn the red of roses, although they have also opted for books. In short, one more day that makes us a reference when it comes to betting on the holidays and traditions that we like the most. Now, the big surprise of this year has moved to Barcelona.

Specifically up to Plaça Catalunya, where SER Catalonia has celebrated this day going out on the street with all the Barcelonians and Barcelonians. An event that has counted on the collaboration of Mataró Parc and that has transferred the programs of the station to the street. Among the most well-known journalist faces, attendees were able to identify Josep Cuní, host of the program "Aquí", and Carles Francino, the voice of "La ventana".

In addition, various musical performances by the hand of LOS40 Catalonia and Andorra: Alfred García, Carlos Right, Ramon Mirabet and Greasy Grasses, among others, have also taken place on the stage throughout the afternoon. In fact, SER Cataluña 2018 already lived one of the days of San Jorge in the most crowded street in recent years. It is for this reason that the station wanted to bet on repeating the format, which this year has also had the support of Mataró Parc. Happy Saint George to everyone!

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