The flashmob of The Miserables in Mataró Parc!

mataro parc els miserables

The musical premieres at Sala Cabanyes

On Saturday, April 21, the customers of Mataró Parco could enjoy a great surprise. Suddenly, and among the crowd, the actors of the musical began to interpret one of the main pieces of the work. Little by little, more actors joined, until finally tenths of people finished performing the choreography. In short, a surprising flashmob!

As of Saturday, May 19, you can enjoy a new version of the musical at Sala Cabañas de Mataró. An experience that will transport you in nineteenth century France. In fact, since its premiere in 1987, Los Miserables has been represented in more than 50 countries and has been one of the most successful musicals in history.

Watch the video

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