FarmaFree amplía instalaciones en Mataró Parc

Farmafree expands facilities in Mataró Parc and revolutionizes parapharmacy

Farmafree turns its establishment in Mataró Parc into a sensory experience and one of the largest parapharmacies in Catalonia

At Farmafree you are in luck. Just in the year in which it will be 25 years since its opening in the city, the reference chain in parapharmacy will open this August the new facilities in the Mataró Parc shopping center, a bet that aims to transcend the old concept of commerce and offer an experience different from the client, with the commitment to sensory spaces. Farmafree opens in Mataró Parque the largest parapharmacy in Maresme and one of the largest in Catalonia, with 300 square meters of exhibition that is just about to be released. A little revolution.

The Mataró Parque center is one of the three that Farmafree has in Mataró and that makes this company a reference not only local but also regional and throughout the northern part of Barcelona. The step they are taking now is to open new facilities, an expansion of the establishment they have been betting on since the first day of opening of Mataró Parc, for two decades. Farmafree is one of the names that has reinforced the leadership of the Mataró shopping center.

Change in the concept of establishment.

The firm, which is committed to always being attentive to changes in the consumer model, develops with the new facilities a mutation of the store concept into new sensory spaces. "The important thing is that the client feels good and comfortable and that the experience is complete," explains Imma Serrat, head of Farmafree. After weeks of works, the new 300 square meters of spaces are divided by sector into different sensory areas totally suitable for the new sanitary measures and from where the specialized team of professionals of the center can attend and offer specialized attention and treatment.At any time, the center of Mataró Parc has 6 specialists to attend to clients from different specialties.

"We wanted to create a different space, where the client still feels better treated than he already felt. We prioritize service and personal attention in a very well-prepared manner with a well-known and specialized professional team, people are valued, we are Farmafree added value ", explains Serrat.

The different spaces and specialties of Farmafree constitute a series of areas or corners of the new expanded space, in which the client can comfortably attend and advise, learn about the different options and top brands. There are the already characteristic spaces of Farmafree such as the skin and hair care area, the baby and mother area, natural medicine, nutrition and weight control and the sports area.

One of the new ones behind is that of natural and organic brands only. The latter, that of natural products, is one of the most vigorous and that research and prioritization of organic products has in many cases become a primary choice for new customer profiles: "More and more people look for the natural, it is a clear trend among the youngest customer who wants easier, more basic and more sustainable consumption, ultimately more conscious ", says the head of Farmafree.

In the area of ​​babies and mothers, for example, we find all the top brands of the most sought after as care products, cosmetics, accessories or food. There is also the special care space for the mother or the specialty areas such as dermocosmetics, with three specialized people, who perform skin and hair diagnosis mitjaçant dermoanalitzador. An example of the new concept of establishment is, for example, the beauty-bar with which you can experiment with the textures of one or the other product in a bar, in a relaxed way, so that the choice is fully satisfactory with what you want to buy.

In the field of nutrition, Farmafree is also a clear reference with a specialty in nutrition, sports nutrition, control and weight loss or the important area of ​​natural medicine where we find a wide range of solutions for various pathologies.

Communication, always open

Farmafree, in addition, gives a lot of value to the interaction with its customers, it has open communication channels in person and via the web. It offers its clients various possibilities of consultation and purchase, via the web, WhatsApp and quick deliveries in 2 hours to Mataró. In addition to its center in Mataró Parc, it has two more points of sale in Mataró: Farmafree C / Barcelona, ​​and Farmacia Parque central, and an aesthetic and Nutrition consultation center in its center in Barcelona. The company hopes with this new concept of parapharmacy to renew its leadership and above all the vocation to continue offering the best treatment, experimental and sensorial, to people who choose to take care of themselves in this new center.