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Canal Mataró Parc

You can give know your Brand in our mall.

Do you want your advertising spot to see more than 100 million visitors per year?

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Logo Explotación de Soportes Publicitarios, S.A.

Tel: 958 548 652
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9.00am-14.00pm. and 16.00pm to 20.00pm.

Our advertising media

An advertising circuit composed of 80 faces distributed in different centers and commercial parks, located in the areas of maximum public influx.

  • Optimum presentation and promotion of products.
  • Dynamic and daily updated content.
  • Influencing consumer behavior, 2 out of 3 purchase decisions are made in the same shopping center.

Our Screens

Our state-of-the-art digital screens operate under a new content management software capable of offering the advertiser from time to time content delivery to real-time creative changes.

  • 55 "Samsung displays.
  • Full HD resolution.
  • LED backlight background.
  • Transflective technology.
  • No mirror effect or reflection.
  • 1,500 candelas / m2.
  • Vision angle of 178o.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Digital sound.

Format in flash or video image:

  • Spot of 20 "seconds of duration.
  • 60 "second loops.

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