Josep Rull y David Bote
New access to the C-32 motorway

Territory and Sustainability Counselor Josep Rull Andreu has inaugurated accesses 99 and 100 of the C-32 motorway. The new infrastructure represents an advance in the connections, both...

Alfonso Millan visita la Fundació el Maresme
We visit the Fundació el Maresme and know their projects

The manager of the Mataró Parc Mall, Mr. Alfonso Millán, visited some of the different departments and services of the Fundació el Maresme with the Director...

Colaboración de Mataró Parc Camina Per l'Alzheimer
Mataró Parc punt d'inscripció de la 9ª Mataró Camina pel Alzheimer

In this way, from the Mataró Parc Shopping Center we have again collaborated and show our support for this great initiative. We take the opportunity...